How do I know if the torque converter is in all the way before transmission installation?

  • Most converters, when installed, usually sit behind the bell housing. Sometimes, you can use the three click method as your spinning the t/c: one click is the input shaft, the next click is the stator, and the last click is the pump drive gear.
  • If you have an open bell housing, you can stick your hand between the tc and the pump — your fingers should not fit.
  • Once you feel the t/c is engaged all the way, the true test is the bolt-up to the engine. Before hanging the transmission, check to see if the dowel pins are sticking out of the engine block. They will help you verify that the engine-to-trans-angle is proper. So look for the dowel pins to ensure they are sticking through the transmission. Once this is set, even before you put that first bell bolt in, you must verify t/c movement. As you begin tightening each bell bolt, you should be verifying t/c movement again and again.
  • Transmission-to-engine-block alignment is critical to ensure proper installation and is a common cause of front pump seal leaks and pump failure. Remember, you are always checking t/c movement through this entire process.